With several cities rocking the clothing and apparel store brand, Neet Clothing--straight out of the heart of Brooklyn, New York; a rising fashion trend has captured the attention of today's pop culture swiftly. Having merchandise in cities such as Philadelphia, Chicago and New York.

The "#stayNEET" motto treading behind this fashionable trademark is making a lasting impression upon the youth and the culture.

With inventive graphics and distinct design has grasped the attention of many major recording artists as well as devoted customers. Neet Freaks natural charisma and unique approach to fashion led to features with the likes of French Montana of Bad Boy Records, Instagram sensation @theshiggyshow, aired on shows as BET's Hustle in Brooklyn, VH1's Black Inc and west cost artist @guapdad4000 . Since, this brand has been under the magnifying glass it took on the responsibility to “reinvent the perception of the standard t-shirt, hoodie and snap back....” Ironically, Neet Freak was featured in a January 2013 article, “Neet Freak Clothing, are you fly”, an entrepreneur column in Simply Innovative Magazine.
"Though the brand has only been established since 2012, it was always in the making from the mind and thoughts of an eager teenager to a work in progress of an ambitious young man," says OB. He is passionate about his craft and ability to inspire those around him and all over the world. His main motivation for what he does and why he does it, “Neet Freak Clothing is a different type of fly. It comes straight from the desire to be accepted for being different.”

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